"Midsummer" is an upcoming for-profit fae AU zine!

We're open to the possibility of doing a partial donation to charity, but this will be the decision of our contributors!

Zine specs:
A5 size140 pgs maxWriting minimum = 50 pages (likely 10 writers with 5 pages each)Art minimum = 30 pages (likely 30 artists doing 1 page each. Artists will have the option to submit more than one piece)
Based on the results of the interest check, we're likely going to go for a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure route for the writing pieces, with an extended digital version of the zine with more endings. However, whether or not we go through with this solely depends on the number of writer applications we get.

More info coming soon!


- April 26th: Interest Check Opens
- May 31st: Interest Check Closes
- June 4th: Beta Carrd & Mod Info Released. Mod Apps Open
- June 14th: Mod Apps Close
June 26th: Contributor Apps OpenJuly 31st: Contributor Apps CloseAugust 9th: Contributor App ResultsAugust 15th: Deadline to accept invitationAugust 21st: Pitch approvalsSeptember 11th: Check 1October 9th: Check 2November 13th: Check 3Dec 4th: Final SubmissionsDec 21st: Pre-orders Open


Coordinator/Writing/Finance Mod:

Hello, I'm Heather!
I drink tea all day and get super excited over YA stories with elves.

Social Media Mod:

Heyo~ I’m kii!
I don’t know how to build characters, I just slap on the prettiest artifacts I have.

Writing Mod:

Hi, I’m Lily!
I like women and himbos and sometimes I do editing.

Art Mod:

Hallo! I'm Ag! Jack of all trades, master of none. I just do stuff and hope for the best

Graphics/Layout Mod:

Hey there! I’m an awkward potato who doesn’t know how to strike a balance when it comes to zine work, so I just pray for the best. Graphic design is my passion. So is angst.